Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a FREE copy of Towing & Equipment Magazines?

Towing industry business owners are eligible for a FREE yearly subscription to the regional magazine for your area. Start your subscription today!  SUBSCRIBE

I am an existing subscriber, how can I change my address?

You may update your current Towing & Equipment Magazine subscription HERE or call our offices at 866.580.7834 to speak with a representative.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for changes to take full effect.

I am an existing subscriber, how can I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your subscription HERE  or call our offices at 866.580.7834 to speak with a representative.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for cancellation to take full effect.

I am a current T&E magazine subscriber, why haven't I received my magazine?

While we make every attempt to produce our magazines as quickly as possible so they arrive on or before the first week of the month, we are at the mercy of the postal service and cannot always guarantee a timely delivery.  Our publications are shipped media mail and arrival varies depending on location. If you have not received your magazine please inquire with your local postal carrier or post office first.  If you encounter further issues please contact our offices at 866.580.7834 and we will do our best to help resolve the matter.

What is WreckerMART?

A WreckerMART is Towing & Equipment Magazines brand of a classified ad.  Often these are more private or "For Sale By Owner" listings, however they are open to anyone looking to buy or sell towing related equipment, products or services.

How do I advertise with Towing & Equipment Magazines?

If you are wanting to place our basic WreckerMART ad (1/8 page) you may do so Online or contact our offices at 866.580.7834.  For 1/4 page and larger ad placement, along with discount and special offers, please contact our Sales & Marketing Director, Kristofer Petruska at 248.606.1549 or email our sales department.

When are the advertising deadlines?

Advertising deadlines are typically the 1st of each month.  Our production schedule runs 1 month in advance so deadlines for May issues are April 1st, June issues are May 1st, etc.  For more detailed information please see our Deadlines Calendar.

When are your magazines delivered to your subscribers?

Production times vary slightly month to month, but our goal is to have our publications delivered to our subcribers mailbox before the 1st of each month.  Typically they start arrving the last week of the month depending on the region.  

How do I reserve a banner ad or page sponsorship?

Please contact Kristofer Petruska at 248.606.1549 or for web banner and other online advertising options.